Building A Website Through Seo In 2017

The trick to marketing in 2017 is utilizing great content, seo, and building a following. The goal is to attract leads (people interested in you and or your product), gain a following, and then you want to market to that following.


Getting A Lead Through SEO

You want to utilize a Search Engine Optimization Expert to get you attention and get someone to visit your website in order to get that person’s eyes on your website. Surprisingly when you build a website, no matter how good your website is designed, looks, and how great the content is. They will not know of your website by simply just making a website. They just don’t magically appear.

What do I mean by this? For example, if you walked outside your house and raised your hands up to the sky and spread them out then shout out, “Everybody come to my house, I am having a party!” How many people would come to your house and attend your party? Your neighbor most likely would not even attend your party and probably just think you were weird. But if your neighbor was close with you and actually a friend of yours, you might actually get that neighbor to come over for that party.

Why is that? Well because your neighbor already knows you and is comfortable with you, thus they are not afraid to come over to your house for a party. The same applies to everyone else, you need to become friends with them to get them to come to your party. So in order to get more people to come to our party, how do we do this? We need to get better known, and acquire more friends. No one wants to come to your party if they do not like you, right?

We still have a couple of problems though. Your neighbor would most likely need to be home and outside to hear you yell that you were having a party. So our chances of them knowing about the party is very slim. We would need to call them or go over to their house, knock on the door, and get in front of them to tell them about the party you’re having. Then they’ll actually know about your party and might even attend now.

If you are trying to have a party in Renton Washington. That’s where an SEO in Renton WA comes in very handy. They help let people know about your party in Renton WA. And it essentially just also helps to get your party above the other parties so people will be more inclined to attend your party.


Creating Great Content

Now we know that we need SEO in order to get in front of people so they know about our party. But how do we get them to like us enough to actually COME to our party? Well the simple answer is with creating great content on your website so they like you. However, it is a little more complicated than that.

First, you’re going to need a catchy title to basically click bait them into coming to your website or visiting your party first. Because people love to party and don’t mind jumping around, they have 0 commitment and trust in you. So you need great content to back up the click bait title that attracts them. But you’ll need that initial attraction to get them to even give you a chance. So come up with a relative and creative title that will attract them.



Acquiring a following

Second, as I just mentioned. Once you attract them to your website/party you need good content that is friendly, easy to read, creative, entertaining, without being over the top. Just like a party you want to go to be friendly, easy to talk to people, creative decorations and themes, and you want to have fun at the party and be entertained. But you don’t want to attend some crazy party with a bunch of whackos lol. So make sure the content is good, interactive, friendly, and has value. People want more friends, if you can create a friendly relationship through your website then all the better.

Third, if you create a friendly website that entertains peoples and makes people want to come back to your website. You’re going to gain a friend/follower. The best thing is that if they start to come back again and again and you really gain their trust they will be more likely to share your great content with their friends. And then those friends will eventually share with more friends. Etc etc etc. It just keeps compiling like that.